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Peekaboo Studios LLC is an educational app developer based in Central Ohio with a focus on creating apps aligned with Common Core State Standards for PreK-12. When time permits, we like to go back to our roots and make games too!

Working Towards That Goal!


RanLearns are insights from Co-Founder Ran Flasterstein about 21st Century Education. Follow him on Twitter @RanLearns or contact him here.


Working Towards That Goal!

Ran Flasterstein

Call me crazy, but the sport I latched onto growing up was basketball and while I could hold up a conversation centered around other sports leagues, my passion as a sports fan has always been for the NBA and for my Cleveland Cavaliers. If you’re a basketball player and you become a Cavalier, you can be sure that I will be rooting for your success regardless of whether you’re a heralded phenom or a relative unknown trying to impress the coaches and earn a regular spot in the rotation.

NBA Draft Night is when many young hopefuls find out if their dream will become a reality. If all their hard work, the sweat, the extra practices, all the determination to keep at it and be the best that they could be will pay off when an NBA team calls their name and they begin a new journey to prove themselves all over again.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports tweeted this picture and story of Gary Harris who was chosen with the #19 pick and will play for the Denver Nuggets:

Starting at the age of 11, Garry Harris had a goal and he worked towards it. He understood that working toward a goal meant taking steps daily to get there. "What did you do TODAY?" the banner asked him.

Some days you might take a big step forward and feel quite proud of what you accomplish. Other days you might only get something small done but that is still one less thing to stress about, one more task to cross off the list. And you’ll have days where you don’t make any progress towards your goals… but that's the beauty of focusing on each day as its own. The very next day you again have the ability to take action - to keep adding to your skills and your experiences.

So what can we do today?
To become better educators? Better learners? Better parents? Better students?
Better writers? Better runners? Better artists? Better presenters?
Better photographers? Better friends? Better chefs? Better organized?

What did you do today that will get you to your next goal?
It’s not a question just for today. It’s a question to be hung on the wall. To be asked every day.

At "only" 6’4" for a shooting guard and with so many other terrific athletes competing for a few select spots, the focus on improvement every day is a big reason Gary Harris has now accomplished his childhood dream.

He can now hang a similar banner up in his soon-to-be new mansion: What did you do today to build toward a successful 10+ year career in the NBA?

Or simply: What did you do today to get better?

Final Notes and Links:
Special thanks to the 11-year-old Gary Harris and congrats to the 19-year-old @thats_G_ on his big day! Welcome to Cleveland @22wiggins and @joeharrisuva - the sky is the limit for your roles and this team! Congrats to all the other 18-23 year old rookies embarking on their NBA journeys. Remember, you’re still trying to get better every day. You’ve arrived and you’re also just beginning.

RanLearns are insights from Co-Founder Ran Flasterstein about 21st Century Education. Follow him on Twitter @RanLearns or contact him here.