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Westerville, OH 43086

Peekaboo Studios LLC is an educational app developer based in Central Ohio with a focus on creating apps aligned with Common Core State Standards for PreK-12. When time permits, we like to go back to our roots and make games too!


RanLearns are insights from Co-Founder Ran Flasterstein about 21st Century Education. Follow him on Twitter @RanLearns or contact him here.


Why I'm Excited about the Apple Watch

Ran Flasterstein

Watch this short clip of Steve Jobs, talking about the power of technology to amplify people's inherent abilities:

The Apple Watch is the most personal device yet. The screen doesn't even show unless you're looking at it. It can buzz in different ways letting you in on a secret no one else in the room knows. Like the iPhone before it, the Watch offers us a connection with a device uniquely ours to help us amplify what we do.

In addition to what Apple is offering with the first release, there are countless developers that are going to come up with ridiculous, hilarious, helpful, and influential apps. We can't even imagine what they'll create next, and that's one of the main selling points for me, really: it's what we *don't* know that's the most exciting.

Developers other than Apple have created ways for us to share our voice (YouTube, Twitter, Vine, etc). Developers decided we should be able to find out what song is playing when we hear it (Soundhound, Shazam) and that we should be able to access different music depending on our mood (Songza, Pandora). Different games, tools, networking, or calling an uber are things we never could have imagined that now are commonplace. So here's to the developers and what they'll be making next!

I always used to wear a watch but haven't for the past ten years. I'm excited to be an early user and a part of this journey to figuring out in what ways we can positively affect our potential right from the technology on our wrist.

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