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Westerville, OH 43086

Peekaboo Studios LLC is an educational app developer based in Central Ohio with a focus on creating apps aligned with Common Core State Standards for PreK-12. When time permits, we like to go back to our roots and make games too!


RanLearns are insights from Co-Founder Ran Flasterstein about 21st Century Education. Follow him on Twitter @RanLearns or contact him here.


More About Standing Up to Naysayers

Ran Flasterstein

More About Standing Up to Naysayers

My last post was about our good friend Cindy Crowe and how she stood up for education in the face of some very vocal naysayers.

George Couros (@gcouros) had a post called "Where’s the evidence?" 
As in the question that often comes up surrounding a new idea in education… "Where’s the evidence that this will work?" His response more or less: Where’s the evidence that it won’t work?  - OR -  Where’s the evidence that what we do now even works?

He touched on the subject again more recently regarding people who ask "But what if…" questions as a way to suggest that your idea might not work. He wonders whether those people would be convinced when you answered their "what ifs" or if they’re just looking to be oppositional without any interest in helping the cause.

I say if you have a fresh idea, or a solution to a problem that could work, bring it forward no matter what others might say!

Any change to the status quo that your team of educators is passionate about at your school is worth trying. For students to see that passion alone is worthwhile. They’ll be first hand witnesses to your commitment and hard work toward unique ways of approaching the school day. If the new idea doesn’t work, there’s a lot of value in learning from failure, but more likely it’s not going to fail if the staff is excited about it. More likely it will just need to be tweaked, adjustments will have to be made, for an even better program in the long term.

So plan and prepare ahead of time, obviously. Bring in any interested colleagues on a new idea, and perhaps even some students while you’re still dreaming and brainstorming. But when you’ve set your heart on which endeavor to pursue and your excitement for "what could be" is overflowing - don’t stop along the way for the naysayers - go right ahead and make it happen!

RanLearns are insights from Co-Founder Ran Flasterstein about 21st Century Education. Follow him on Twitter @RanLearns or contact him here.